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"ICSA Asks: What Would You Have Done?"

This video series shares recordings of actual incidents and crashes experienced by ICSA members and is designed to help carriers respectfully learn from each other, improve driver safety scores, ultimately lower crash rates and keep insurance costs as low as possible. We have edited the videos to remove any identifying marks, logos or company names so that they are completely anonymous. 

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About ICSA

The Independent Carrier Safety Association (ICSA) was established in 2019 as a non-profit corporation, whose mission is to improve highway safety by promoting the common safety interests of single-truck operators and small fleets. ICSA fulfills this mission by providing its members with safety tools, including technology, safety consulting, education and training programs at no cost or at costs normally reserved for large fleets.

ICSA’s membership dues are capped at $500 per year regardless of fleet size. Annual dues start at $100 for the first truck and $25 for each additional truck operated by the member. To qualify for insurance coverage through ICSA's group insurance program, a member carrier must agree to:

  • Install in-cab event recorders (cameras) in all power units. Carriers that have already installed event recorders from any of four currently ICSA-approved or preferred vendors* are not required to purchase additional cameras as long as they grant ICSA access to their camera data used by ICSA safety consultants to help members achieve their safety goals. 
  • Meet a minimum safety score prescribed by ICSA.  
  • Prior to binding any insurance policy, members must also sign up for and schedule driver hair testing for drugs through The Alcohol and Drug Testing Service (TADTS) and ensure every driver takes a hair test. These tests must be scheduled and completed within 30 days or as required by prevailing law. 
  • Carriers with more than one truck must implement a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy). (ICSA provides a sample policy to members without charge.)
  • Provide ICSA’s third-party data contractor – Idelic - access to the carrier’s ELD data. Pay a monthly telematics fee to facilitate data gathering and aggregation by Idelic. 
  • Govern truck speeds to no more than 68 miles per hour and certify compliance.
  • Maintain membership in good standing with no delinquent dues or other financial obligations. 

Through its collective buying power and approved vendors, ICSA provides safety and associated services at no cost or at reduced costs that members would otherwise not be able to qualify for on their own.

*Approved event recorder vendors are Netradyne; Motive; SmartDrive; and Samsara.

Our services include:

  • Access to cost-effective truck insurance coverage and experienced claims handling
  • Reduced pricing on forward-facing event recorders for carriers that do not have existing event recorders from any of the four approved vendors. Having an event recorded can help to achieve a fair outcome in the event of a collision. Event recorders also allow a carrier to coach drivers on their behavior and can help make good drivers better!
  • Cost-effective, state-of-the-art hair testing for drugs to achieve the highest level of accuracy and help members ensure substance users are not operating commercial vehicles.
  • Access to fuel discounts, legal services, driver MVR monitoring and a menu of voluntary benefits including health insurance. 
  • A voice in the industry for single-truck operators and small carriers. We know most carriers care about highway safety. ICSA exists to help educate motor carriers, assist them in adopting best practices for truck safety. 
  • Quarterly and Annual Safety Awards to recognize ICSA's safest members. 
  • A no-cost Model Safety Plan, as well as model polices for Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol and Distracted Driving, geared to small fleets that members can adapt to fit their company.
  • FirstGear, a robust online driver training curriculum available to ICSA members at no cost.
Benefits that matter to single-truck operators and small fleets

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