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ICSA Member Benefits

Membership dues are $100 a year for a carrier’s first truck and $25 for each additional truck – up to a maximum of $500 regardless of fleet size. 

ICSA members must take certain steps to be eligible for insurance coverage through ICSA’s Risk Purchase Group. To join ICSA, members simply complete a membership application, pay dues, make arrangements to purchase and install event recorders in each truck (or show that they already have this technology in their trucks), and meet other requirements. These steps are outlined above in "About ICSA" and described in full in the Membership Terms & Conditions (Ts & Cs).  

Onboard Camera Systems/Event Recorders

To support the member requirement for forward-facing event recorders, ICSA's Board of Directors agreed to accept membership applications from carriers that have already installed event recorders from any of four currently approved companies*. Why cameras? Years of experience and documentation show event recorders help provide clarity when an accident occurs, especially when other parties are at fault. Event recorders ensure drivers operate more safely, reduces accidents and make it easier to defend a claim. 

In our experience, event recorders make good drivers even better! Our approved camera companies don't just provide the videos you need to coach drivers or improve your own driving, but also give you access to extensive video analytics. This allows a fleet to review drivers’ behavior, provide coaching to drivers who need it, and proactively prevent accidents.

Please contact us with questions or for more information on event recorder requirements.

*The four currently approved companies are Netradyne; Motive; SmartDrive; and Samsara.

Event Recorders

Preferred Event Recorders: 

ICSA endorses and promotes the preferred event recorder systems listed below. New and current members who need event recorder systems may purchase them through the ICSA website at ICSA’s discount cost.







Approved Event Recorders: 

ICSA members that have purchased and installed event recorders from any of the currently approved companies listed below are deemed to meet ICSA’s event recorder requirement once the member has authorized ICSA to access their systems’ data.








Telematics Integration

Through ICSA's partnership with Idelic, there is a $30 monthly telematics fee per unit that will cover the cost of collecting, integrating, reviewing, analyzing and normalizing disparate data from various camera systems, members' ELD data, and related safety scores. 

This process helps to standardize each member's safety result no matter the fleet size with accurate safety requirements and impact. In the future, members will have the opportunity to know where their business and drivers rank in safety amongst other ICSA members.  ICSA prides itself in making the highways safer for all drivers and supporting small fleets with the resources to be successful without disrupting preferred business operations with chosen camera and ELD providers. 

Drug & Alcohol Testing

ICSA requires all Platinum Members to arrange hair testing for drugs for current drivers and every new driver prior to dispatching them. Such hair testing must be scheduled before insurance coverage can be bound and accomplished within 30 days* through ICSA’s approved testing service – The Alcohol & Drug Testing Services (TADTS).  

TADTS’ extensive network of testing labs makes it simple to schedule and complete driver hair testing within the required 30-day window. Hair testing of current drivers and future CDL hires is the most reliable way to identify drivers who may have used illicit substances and help ensure they are not operating commercial vehicles while impaired. Members will pay TADTS directly for all related testing costs. The current cost for the hair test is $97 per driver.

In addition to hair testing every driver, fleets with more than one truck must adopt a Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy. ICSA provides a sample policy for its members at no cost.

In addition, ICSA members may join the TADTS drug testing consortium even though it is not required. Members that do enroll in the TADTS drug testing consortium may be able to have DOT urine tests waived when they initially enroll if they can show these tests have already been administered. TADTS will show members how to obtain an MIS report from their prior provider to show any recent driver tests.

*or as required by prevailing law

Truck Insurance

Carriers that qualify for ICSA's risk purchase group by meeting requirements outlined in the Member Terms & Conditions are eligible to apply for insurance coverage via ICSA’s approved insurance partners.

ICSA has partnered with One80 Intermediaries to bring exclusive insurance benefits to its valued members. From cargo protection to liability coverage, One80 works hand in hand with ICSA members to develop customized insurance solutions that provide peace of mind and protect their bottom line.

With One80's specialized expertise in trucking insurance, we can ensure that our members receive comprehensive coverage tailored to their unique needs. One80's range of insurance products and services are designed to safeguard your business from the risks inherent in the trucking industry, so they can benefit all ICSA’s single truck or small fleet members. 

Voluntary Benefit Packages

ICSA has teamed up with Voluntary Benefits Association (VBA) to unlock a world of wellness and security with a brand-new lineup of life, accident and health benefits tailored to our members’ needs, including:

• Medical Coverage: Access to top-notch healthcare when you need it most.
• Prescription Benefits: Affordable medications to keep you feeling your best.
• Life Insurance: Providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
• Dental Care: A healthy smile is just around the corner.
• Vision Protection: Clear vision for a brighter future.
• Pet Insurance: Because your furry friends deserve the best too.
• Member Discounts: Savings on everyday essentials and more!

ICSA is committed to providing you the support you need to thrive in your business and your personal life. These benefits are open to any ICSA member company or individual and their employees/families without the need join VBA. Before you renew your current policies or seek other new coverage, look at what VBA has to offer.

U.S. Legal - CDL Defender

ICSA is proud to offer our members with a defense partnership for assistance with legal, financial, taxes, and overall business strategy including operation reporting tools. Designed for commercial drivers, U.S. Legal Services’ CDL Defender covers 100% of attorney fees for all non-criminal moving, non-moving, and DOT violations with no co-pays, no deductibles, no claim forms. Some examples include:

  • DataQ Challenges
  • Exceeding Hours of Service
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Driving Without CDL
  • Unsecure Load
  • Major Accident Representation
  • Overweight/Overlength
  • Container Leakage

Coverage extends to the driver and driver's spouse in both their personal and professional vehicles. 

Additional discounts on personal legal matters such as divorce, child support/custody, bankruptcy, wage garnishment, immigration, creating a will, misdemeanors/expungement and more. 

NOTE: ICSA cannot guarantee the results of legal services provided by a U.S. Legal Network Attorney.


SuperVision - Driver License Monitoring 

ICSA is pleased to offer its fleet members exclusive driver license monitoring services through SuperVision, a division of Solera.

With License Monitor ICSA fleet members can:

  • Monitor all types of vehicles and drivers
  • Easily monitor any size fleet
  • Receive data from 50 states and Canada
  • Receive CDLIS reports, supported by, one-click automated motor vehicle report (MVR) ordering

*CDLIS (Commercial Driver's License Information System) is a nationwide computerized database that tracks information on CDL drivers submitted by each state’s driver licensing agency. CDLIS documents issuance of CDLs as well as withdrawal of commercial drivers. CDLIS allows states to keep a record of each driver nationwide and helps ensure only one driver license and one record for each CDL driver. CDLIS also enables authorized users nationwide, such as law enforcement officials, to check the licensing status of a CDL driver real-time at a roadside inspection.


Iron Fuel Discounts

The Iron Fuel Program is FREE TO JOIN, has no contract or membership fees and includes:

  • Thousands of dollars saved on fuel annually
  • 24/7 FREE fuel card funding for prepaid accounts
  • Fuel tax filing service and reporting
  • Credit lines to increase your cash flow
  • Control and monitor driver spending online

More Reasons to Join ICSA

Safety Consulting

If you have ever wished you could discuss ideas and questions about transportation safety and compliance, best practices, driver coaching and development, and other related issues, you’ve come to the right place. Membership in ICSA gives you access to a safety consultant at no cost beyond your annual dues. ICSA’s safety consultants have over 150 combined years of safety management experience with large and small fleets and owner-operators. Most have worked as CDL drivers before being promoted into safety roles. Read about Team ICSA.

ICSA’s safety consultants are at your service to help you with any safety challenges you may have in your business, whether you are your only employee or whether you have more than one driver working for you. We are knowledgeable about the use of event recorders, the value of defensive driving training and the importance of driver coaching. We are well acquainted with FMCSA regulations as well as commercial vehicle enforcement in each state.

Safety consultants are assigned to specific regions, as shown below. If you’re not sure which region you’re in, review ICSA’s safety regions map and feel free to reach out to the consultant who covers your region. We are passionate about ICSA’s mission to improve highway safety and we love to hear from our members!

Safety Training Programs

In addition to advice on safety coaching, ICSA provides two excellent safety programs at no cost to members. If you’re looking for another good reason to join ICSA, consider what these programs provide.

MSP logo

Model Safety Plan

Every fleet and every driver has a safety culture. The question is: Is it a good safety culture or a bad safety culture? Establishing a good safety culture takes time and commitment. There is no online seminar a fleet owner or a driver can watch or a safety expert you can bring on to make it happen instantly. You must build it brick by brick until it becomes something strong and solid, like the foundation of a house.

ICSA has developed it's Model Safety Plan exclusively for members to assist them in building a strong culture of safety from the ground up. These eight short courses include everything from effective driver hiring, to ongoing training and communication, to the crash review process.

First Gear™ Online Driver Training

first gear training logoThis free-to-members curriculum provides valuable training to commercial vehicle drivers regardless of their years of experience. In addition, First Gear provides owners in-depth information that can help them coach drivers on safety tips and tactics. You may assign drivers the entire curriculum or customize assignments to those topics where you believe drivers need additional training.

In our combined 150+ years of industry experience, the ICSA team has learned that even seasoned drivers can become complacent over time, putting themselves, the motoring public, and your company at greater risk. First Gear is designed for everyone who uses it to learn something new or to refresh their knowledge even if they have been behind the wheel a while. Most importantly, members can easily access the training from a mobile phone or tablet – no computer necessary! 

Safety Awards Program

Each quarter ICSA members are eligible to receive a cash reward for diligently embracing safety culture on the roadways. Awards are given for first, second and third place in both Single Truck Operator and Small Fleet categories. The qualifications to be considered for the award include being an ICSA member in good standing for at least 12 months, compliant with all ICSA requirements, having an acceptable safety score and no accidents, losses or claims.