Winter Weather

Be Prepared for Winter Driving 

Tips for Every Driver: 

  1. Gather and review all weather information along your route and then make a plan before leaving to ensure safety.

  2. Reduce the truck speed by half the posted speed limit on snow and reduce the speed even more if the roads are icy.

  3. Increase following distance to 12-15 seconds when operating in adverse weather conditions.

  4. Wet roads turn to ice after sundown so travel as much as possible during daylight hours and avoid driving during early dawn or dusk.

  5. Stop driving if weather conditions become too dangerous (i.e., heavy snow, no visibility).

  6. When traveling in snow or on ice, use chains for traction. The time it takes to stop and chain up may just save your load and your life.

  7. Ensure the weight of the load is distributed evenly over all axles, except for the driver axle where you will slightly increase the weight.

  8. Bobtailing or pulling an empty trailer on slick roads increases the risk for an accident.

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