ICSA Names 1Q 2022 Safety Award Winners

ICSA is pleased to announce the inaugural winners of our new Safety Award Program. These awards were based on the company’s or the individual’s safety performance from January through March 2022. ICSA will be selecting quarterly winners throughout the remainder of 2022. After the 4th Quarter winners are named, annual winners will be chosen from the four quarterly winners. To be considered for an award, carriers must meet these criteria:

  • ICSA membership dues paid up and an active member profile set up in safecarriers.org
  • SmartDrive camera(s) installed and active
  • SmartDrive score under 50 for the quarter
  • Enrolled in ICSA’s approved drug testing consortium and hair testing completed
  • No claims


Congratulations to the following Q1 2022 winners!


1st Place: GSL Trans, Inc., Manteca, CA

2nd Place: Lamm Trucking, Inc., Torrance, CA

3rd Place: Manteg Trucking, Inc., Ontario, CA

Single truck operators

1st Place: Mandeep Singh, Farmer Freightline, Inc., Manteca, CA 

2nd Place: Lacedrick Caldwell, T-Way Express LLC, Atlanta, GA

3rd Place: Israel Guevara, MCA Transport LLC, Avondale, AZ

First place winners receive a $500 gift card and an ICSA-branded scale model truck, while 2nd and 3rd place winners receive some useful ICSA-branded merchandise.

Out-of-Service Criteria Now Updated

If you don’t have an updated copy of the North American Standard Out-of-Service (OOS) Criteria, you are missing valuable information that can impact your ability to stay in business. These requirements, developed cooperatively between Canadian, Mexican and U.S. commercial enforcement agencies under the auspices of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), are the pass-fail criteria for truck inspections. The purpose of the criteria is to identify critical violations requiring that the driver, vehicle and/or cargo be placed out of service for a specified period of time until the condition(s) or defect(s) can be corrected or fixed.

The Out-of-Service Criteria is updated annually, effective April 1 of each year, with the release of that year’s edition of the handbook. You can purchase your own copy of the 2022 Out-of-Service criteria here

Meanwhile, here are relevant OOS updates ICSA members should be aware of:

    • The policy statements in Parts I, II, III, and IV were amended to better define out of service and imminent hazard.
    • A note was added to each section in Part I, Item 2. OPERATOR’S/CHAUFFEUR’S LICENSE OR PERMIT (NON-CDL) – a. Vehicle 26,000 lbs. (11,793 kg) or less GVWR not designed to transport 16 or more passengers or placarded loads of hazardous materials, or vehicles that, regardless of GVWR, do not require a CDL (e.g., exempt farm vehicles or fire apparatuses, etc.) and Item 3. COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE – a. License.
    • In Part I, Item 2. OPERATOR’S/CHAUFFEUR’S LICENSE OR PERMIT (NON-CDL) – b. Endorsements and Restrictions and Item 3. COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE – c. Endorsement and Restrictions, the note was amended for Mexican LFC Class B and E.
    • A clarification table for CDL and non-CDL drivers prohibited in the drug and alcohol clearinghouse was added to Part I, Item 7. DRUGS AND OTHER SUBSTANCES – c. Prohibited from Performing Safety-Sensitive Functions.
    • A note was added regarding brakes that are operational but not required in Part II, Item 1. BRAKE SYSTEMS – a. Defective Brakes – Defective Brake Chart.
  • Part II, Item 1. BRAKE SYSTEMS – d. Trailer Breakaway and Emergency Brakes (2) was amended to specify that a breakaway device can be attached to a permanently mounted hitch.
  • The wording and the reference table were amended in Part II, Item 1. BRAKE SYSTEMS – h. Air Brake Hose/Tubing (1) to clarify when an air hose should be placed out of service.
  • Part II, Item 1. BRAKE SYSTEMS – o. Hydraulic Brakes (1) through (11) was amended to add an out-of-service condition for when the entire master cylinder assembly is found loose.
  • Part II, Item 9. LIGHTING DEVICES (HEADLAMPS, TAIL LAMPS, STOP LAMPS, TURN SIGNALS AND LAMPS/FLAGS ON PROJECTING LOADS) – b. At Any Time – Day or Night (4) was amended to clarify that this section only applies to lighting systems and no other electrical systems.
  • Reference to a breaker strip in a steering tire was removed from Part II, Item 12. TIRES – a. Any Tire on Any Front Steering Axle of a Power Unit, (2).
  • Part III, Item 4. TRANSPORT VEHICLE MARKINGS – a. Identification (ID) Numbers Displayed on a Transport Vehicle – NOTE was revised to make the guidance clearer.


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22 May 2023

ICSA recently spoke with Christa Vinson, the owner of MNJ Logistics LLC and 1st Quarter 2023 Single Truck Safety Award Winner.

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