‘Tis the Season: Chain Controls, Winter Driving Warnings in Effect

Jack knifed truck in ditch next to icy roadCould this be your truck? We sure hope not! But early snowstorms, along with heavy rains in parts of the country, are resulting in many rollover crashes in which only one of the factors was bad weather. The key factor: driver error, mainly driving too fast for conditions. Often the drivers behaving badly are not ICSA members but passenger car drivers who forget how to drive in winter weather, creating safety hazards for everyone!

Chain controls are now mandatory in several states for trucks traveling over mountain passes. In addition, some restrictions are in place for some mountain roads. You can find links to weather information sources under the Resources tab. In addition, the Federal Highway Administration link also lists chain control mandates. Under FAQs in the same section, you will find winter driving tips.

Lastly, check out Safety Consultant Mike Hitchcock’s Coaching Corner for his winter driving tips. Be smart, slow down and get where you’re going safely! 

Supreme Court Overturns “Chevron Doctrine”

10 July 2024

Anyone who has been in business for any length of time can cite a number of times that federal regulatory agencies have had a free hand in regulating businesses such as trucking. That is why carriers and other industries that want a fair fight to challenge regulations in the future may have been given a gift from the U.S. Supreme Court June 28.

Miss the Deadline to Challenge a Regulation?

10 July 2024

This session, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Chevron doctrine, a longstanding policy under which lower courts almost always sided with regulatory agency decisions where the intent of Congress was not clear. Overturning Chevron opened the door, many legal experts believe, to allowing challenges against many existing regulations.