We Give Up!

California Delays Part of CTC Program Again

ICSA has done its best to keep members informed about California’s Clean Truck Check (CTC) Program so that they don’t get ticketed and fined. However, just a day after we had presented an update in the Regulatory Roundup bulletin, the California Air Resources Board announced that it would again delay the first periodic testing deadline for The CTC to January 1, 2025. However, this delays only the smog check requirement and not the truck registration mandate.

Carriers must still comply by registering their trucks with CARB and paying the annual $30 per truck fee. If your power units are registered and titled in California, the DMV will place a hold on your truck registration renewal(s) if you haven’t registered your trucks with CARB.

The CTC is comprised of three phases. The first kicked off in January 2024 with the use of remote smog monitoring technologies. The second phase, in effect since Feb. 1, requires all eligible vehicle owners to register with CARB’s CTC database and pay an annual $30 compliance fee per vehicle. The third phase, which was originally planned to take effect this summer but is currently delayed to 2025, requires owners of heavy trucks to undergo periodic smog testing similar to California’s passenger car Smog Check program.

EPA Adopts Strict New Truck Emission Standards

11 April 2024

Beginning with model year 2027 and extending through 2032, new greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets are set for all types of new medium- and heavy-duty engines and vehicles.

Federal Highway Administration Loses Climate Change Rule

11 April 2024

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) was fighting a court challenge to its proposed rule that would have required state departments of transportation and metropolitan planning organizations to establish their own emissions rules – as if there aren’t enough federal and state agencies seeking authority over truck and automobile pollution.