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All Nite Truckin’ Inc.

Pictured Left to Right: Shawn Cox, Lisa Cox, Johnnie miller, Lindsey Ools, John Jackson, Cody Mckee

Thanks to Lisa Cox from All Nite Truckin’ Inc. who spoke with ICSA about her background and the small fleet she operates. Oklahoma-based All Nite Truckin’, Inc. has been a part of ICSA since 2021. The company started in 2017 when Lisa's daughter - Lindsey - first entered the world of trucking by purchasing a one-ton truck to work with an oilfield hotshot group. In response to their daughter's venture, Shawn, Lisa's husband, renewed his CDL and things quickly turned into a family effort.

At the time, the oilfield industry was flourishing, providing a solid foundation for their entry into the trucking industry. In 2019, as the dynamics of the oilfield industry shifted, Lisa and Shawn made the strategic decision to branch out into other types of trucking operations. They were leasing a dry van to haul freight as a subcontractor for a Kansas-based company, when they decided to purchase larger trucks and then obtained their own authority in March 2021. The name "All Nite Truckin’ Inc." originated from the family's experiences in the oilfield hotshot business. They were accustomed to responding to demands and changes of plans around the clock, a commitment that became the foundation of their business.

Looking ahead, All Nite Truckin’ Inc. anticipates further expansion. Their vision includes the potential addition of two or three more trucks to their fleet, further solidifying their position in the industry.

Lisa proactively works with ICSA’s Safety Consultants and utilizes the additional ICSA member benefits to build a strong team of safe drivers. ICSA’s safety consultants noted that Lisa goes above and beyond in her attention to safety, not only to protect her company but also her drivers. She truly cares about the development of the industry and is committed to making our highways safer, fully embracing the safety culture ICSA works to instill in its members.

Lisa cited several individuals who contribute to All Nite Truckin’ Inc.'s success. Cody McKee, most recently recognized by the company for his commitment to safe driving, stands out as a noteworthy team member. Johnnie Miller, the longest-serving member of the team, brings a deep passion for the trucking industry. John Jackson is recognized for his excellent communication skills, while Lindsey Ools played an important role in igniting the family's interest in the industry and in driving a passion for outstanding work. Finally, Shawn Cox, a reliable driver and dedicated business owner, complements Lisa's role in dispatch operations.

All Nite Truckin’ Inc. exemplifies the resilience and adaptability needed to thrive in the ever-changing trucking industry. With a strong foundation, a dedicated team, and a commitment to safety, this family-run enterprise is set up for continued growth and success!

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Supreme Court Overturns “Chevron Doctrine”

10 July 2024

Anyone who has been in business for any length of time can cite a number of times that federal regulatory agencies have had a free hand in regulating businesses such as trucking. That is why carriers and other industries that want a fair fight to challenge regulations in the future may have been given a gift from the U.S. Supreme Court June 28.

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10 July 2024

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