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MNJ Logistics LLC and 1st Quarter 2023 Single Truck Safety Award Winner

ICSA recently spoke with Christa Vinson, the owner of MNJ Logistics LLC and 1st Quarter 2023 Single Truck Safety Award Winner. Originally from Philadelphia, PA and currently residing in Georgia, Christa found inspiration for her business through her three amazing children, Malayah, Nathan and Josiah (MNJ). Christa’s trucking journey began in January of 2021 during the nationwide pandemic.

“What I realized during that period was, there were always trucks still on the road," Christa said. “Products and goods still needed to be delivered. I equate the trucking industry to the healthcare industry. There is always going to be a need regardless of what is going on in the world” she remarked.

As an owner, Christa’s number one focus after researching successful strategies was the importance of safety. MNJ Logistics believes a safe workplace is sound business. Implementing procedures, setting goals, monitoring performance, and evaluating the outcomes were all topics that have contributed to the success of MNJ.

“I am happy to say, we've been on a path to great levels of safety achievement. I look forward to continuing to grow my fleet,” Christa said.

The California Diesel Truck Question

06 February 2024

The CARB ACF regulation created state pollution standards for heavy-duty trucks that are much stricter than those established in the federal Clean Air Act.

FMCSA Proposes Increased Flexibility in CDL Testing

06 February 2024

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some state driver licensing offices were closed and state licensing employees absent. To allow licensing to continue during the pandemic, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued several waivers for continued testing and skill evaluation of applicants for commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs).