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Stay Safe Come What May

13 December 2023

Beyond that, ICSA recommends preparing a kit with useful items that can help you be more comfortable and can even help you survive.

Drug and Alcohol Violations Equal CDL Downgrades

07 December 2023

Effective November 18, 2024, commercial vehicle drivers in a “prohibited” status in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse will lose their commercial driving privileges unless they complete the return-to-duty (RTD) process.

FMCSA Complaint Website to be Improved

07 December 2023

FMCSA needs a well-run NCCDB to do its job just as much as trucking needs a functioning complaint mechanism to maintain integrity in transportation.

Show Me the Money!

07 December 2023

Now FMCSA has finalized the proposed rule that we have described in the October Regulatory Roundup called Proposed FMCSA Regulations. In a nutshell, FMSCA will have the power to quickly (within seven days) shut down a broker whose bond falls below the required $75,000. This can happen when a bond pays out on the broker’s bond.

Gear Up For Safe Winter Driving

16 November 2023

Experienced drivers must constantly fight complacency. Just because a driver has never been in a weather-related accident does NOT mean he or she is practicing safe driving habits. The speed that a driver feels is safe may only be a coincidence.