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All Nite Truckin’ Inc.

20 September 2023

Thanks to Lisa Cox from All Nite Truckin’ Inc. who spoke with ICSA about her background and the small fleet she operates. Oklahoma-based All Nite Truckin’, Inc. has been a part of ICSA since 2021. The company started in 2017 when Lisa's daughter - Lindsey - first entered the world of trucking by purchasing a one-ton truck to work with an oilfield hotshot group.

FMCSA Study Looks at Drivers’ Detention Time

20 September 2023

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Aug. 23 that it will submit an Information Collection Request (ICR) for data on detention times fora study that will focus on how wait times at shipping and receiving locations affect driver safety.

Fighting Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

20 September 2023

Here are some interesting facts from American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) for you to consider. Even if you are a single truck operator, knowing these facts and changing your driving behavior can reduce your odds of being in a crash.

Does FMCSA Rate You as a Safe Carrier?

07 September 2023

Conducting a CR is resource-intensive for FMCSA, and as a result only about 2% of active interstate carriers experience a CR any year. Now FMCSA is considering whether to expand how a Safety Fitness Determination can be made so that, potentially, more unfit carriers can be removed from the highways. FMCSA may decide to directly use SMS scores or CRs alone or the two in combination.

Congress Pursues Motor Carrier Selection Standard

07 September 2023

While FMCSA ponders how best to rate truckers, two members of the U.S. Senate have introduced a bill to establish a carrier selection standard for shippers, brokers and others until FMCSA completes a rulemaking to revise safety fitness determination standards.

Where Do Trucking Regulations Come From? - Part 1

07 September 2023

Regulations are laws, period. That is, just as with laws, you must comply with the regulations or else face penalties or sanctions. Regulations just come from a different source than the statutes coming out of state legislatures or Congress.

New Study Shows Once Again Why Hair Testing for Drugs Is Superior

27 July 2023

A recent study by the University of Central Arkansas compared more than 936,000 truck driver pre-employment urine and hair test results. The tests results were submitted by motor carrier members of The Trucking Alliance, who, like ICSA Platinum Members, utilize hair testing as well as the federally mandated urine tests.

Will You Be Ready for Electronic Truck Inspections? - Part 1

26 July 2023

For nearly a decade, FMCSA and state commercial enforcement agencies have been pushing for a system of on-road inspections that will capture far more commercial vehicles than today’s random inspection system. The push for thorough pre-trip and wireless roadside inspections has intensified over the past year, ushering in a new era for truck inspections.