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California Puts Teeth in Pollution Program

09 November 2023

Just in case ICSA members aren’t sure that California intends to enforce its Clean Truck Check (CTC) truck registration and smog check requirements, we share with you that a 2020 Freightliner owned by an Arizona-based carrier recently failed a smog check at one of the new smog-check sites.

Understanding Trucking Regulations: Part 3 – Who Decides the Cost of Regulations?

09 November 2023

Ever wonder who decides the cost of a federal regulation... and that the regulation is worth that price? In business, we understand how materials and labor, together with a reasonable profit, come together to generate a price. In investments, we look for a reasonable rate of return. In both cases, there is a private entity – the consumer, the investor – who makes the final decision.

ACT NOW! Access to FMCSA Accounts Is Changing

09 November 2023

The federal government is moving to multifactor identification for access to official accounts and databases. You probably already experience updated security when accessing your bank, mortgage or credit card accounts – the same thing is coming at the federal level.

Truck Tonnage Index Fell 1.1% in September

26 October 2023

If you think you’re operating in a tougher environment than you’ve seen in years, you are correct! In September, American Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted (SA) For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index decreased 1.1% after rising 0.2% in August.

Proposed FMCSA Regulations

12 October 2023

On a monthly basis, the federal government publishes a Significant Rulemaking Report, updating where major proposed regulations stand in the rulemaking process.

Why You Need an LLC

20 September 2023

In today's complicated business landscape, setting up a Limited Liability Company, or an LLC, as an independent contractor is extremely important both personally and professionally. The reason is simple - as an independent contractor, you operate your own business and are responsible for your own assets and liabilities.

Predicting Crash Involvement

20 September 2023

Here are some interesting facts from American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) for you to consider. Even if you are a single truck operator, knowing these facts and changing your driving behavior can reduce your odds of being in a crash.