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My Top Four Winter Driving Tips

17 November 2021

Winter conditions are tricky for every driver. You must constantly analyze and adjust to changing conditions. By “conditions” I mean more than just the weather.

$1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill a Mixed Bag for Truckers

17 November 2021

We at ICSA are happy the infrastructure bill was passed and signed into law this week, including money both for repairs of existing roads and bridges as well as for new construction to create more highway capacity.

FMCSA Tightens CDL Revocations for Drug & Alcohol Violations

20 October 2021

On Oct. 7, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published its final rule prohibiting state driver licensing agencies from issuing a CDL to any individual prohibit-ed from performing safety-sensitive functions because of one or more violations in the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. The rule, effective Nov. 8, also requires that licensing agencies remove CDL privileges from the license of any individual prohibited from performing safety-sensitive functions. 

Speeding Was Top Offense during Operation Safe Driver Week

20 October 2021

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) released data late last week on the results of its Operation Safe Driver Week held July 11-17. Operation Safe Driver is aimed at enforcing traffic laws against passenger cars driving unsafely around large trucks and vice versa. Over the 7-day period, enforcement officers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico stopped over 46,000 passenger and commercial motor vehicle drivers for engaging in dangerous driving behaviors. 

Can a "No Cell Phones" Policy Come Back to Haunt You?

20 October 2021

Distracted driving continues to impact truck safety despite millions spent on information and education and increased fines for both drivers and fleet owners for use of a hand-held phone while a vehicle is moving. If you are a fleet owner, what requirements have you placed on your drivers as well as other company employees operating their vehicles in their line of work? 

Traffic Violations Predict Future Crashes

20 October 2021

In addition to driving up your safety score, involvement in certain key traffic violations has been shown to be a precursor of traffic crashes. After reviewing massive amounts of truck traffic citation and violation data and subsequent crashes involving the drivers cited in the data review, an American TransportationResearch Institute (ATRI) study showed that drivers cited for these specific traffic behaviors are at highest risk of a future crash

FMCSA Extends COVID-19 Emergency Declaration through November 30

13 September 2021

FMCSA has provided regulatory relief for maximum driving time for commercial vehicles involved directly in COVID-19 relief efforts, including but not limited to the transportation of vaccines, medical supplies and equipment, along with livestock and livestock feed, and food, paper products and other groceries for emergency restocking.